Monday, December 5, 2011

Interviewing You

Ok. I'd like to try something a little different today. Though it has probably been done before, I haven't seen it. I enjoy reading interviews with people, but sometimes I get a tad bored with long-winded answers. Yes, I realize that my interview answers are often long-winded, but I'm trying to ignore that for today. What I would like to do is the following. I am going to ask a series of light-hearted questions for you all to answer. Everyone is welcome to join in on this, not just authors. If you are an author, this is a chance to expose your work to new readers. If you are a reader, this is a chance to find new authors to try out. If you don't care about either, hopefully, the interview will simply be fun to read.

So, here is what you do: send me an email at (do not post your answers in the comments of this blog as I want to put the questions and answers together and present them all at once in a week or so. Again, I will not be approving the answers in the comments. Comments about the blog, however, are welcomed and appreciated.)

In you email, answer each question with a single sentence. (And I don't mean a 300-word run-on either.) if your answer is so great ( and I mean the world is truly missing out by it being only 1 sentence) then I suppose two sentences would be alright. And yes, I realize I have probably just opened the door to every answer being 2 sentences long, but I hope not. With your answers, you are welcome to be as clever as you'd like or simply answer straight up. It is truly up to you. Just a heads up, we love witty answers here on this blog. Just please don't go blue (unless the question is about your favorite color and it happens to be blue, of course).

Also, in your email, include your name and the name of the work you would like to promote. At the end of the email, provide 1 link to any one site that you would like to promote (FB like page, blog, Amazon, etc.). If someone likes your stuff, they can find out more from there. If you have nothing to promote, then just leave it blank and enjoy yourself.

Do not worry about typing the questions as the question number will suffice. In a week or so, I will repost the questions with everyone's answers and links. I'd like for this interview to be fun, so I am asking you to not only participate, but to share this blog with your friends so they can join in. The more the merrier. Also, be a sport and follow my blog if you don't already. I'd love to have you as a guest.

Now, here's the questions.

1.) What book would you say is your biggest influence?

2.) Who is your favorite author?

3.) How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

4.) What is your biggest goal in life at this moment?

5.) What type of books to you write or read?

6.) Team Jacob or Team Edward or Team _______? (I don't like Twilight, but I look forward to the different answers I'll get)

7.) What is your favorite movie?

8.) What is your favorite band?

9.) Authors- What do you think works best when promoting your product? Readers- What type of promotions get you to try a product?

10.) If you had a million dollars, what would you do first?

11.) Firefighters or police officers? Remember, I'm a firefighter before you answer.

Alright, that is my first series of questions. If I get a good response, I'll do it again with new questions. Remember, email your answers to and come back in a week or so for the answers. Come on, everyone. Let's make this fun. (Yes, I am especially looking at you, fellow Rhemalda authors ;)


  1. Fun idea, Douglas.

    Check your e-mail, good sir. :)

  2. Ok, I'm in, Doug. I will email you as soon as I can (Rhemalda Opus allowing!)