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Interviewing You Answers pt. Two

Thanks to everyone for participating in my Interviewing You blog. For those who didn't see my original blog, I asked a series of questions and let you, the reader, give me the answers. Here are your final answers. Enjoy.

7.) What is your favorite movie?
Debra A. Kemp- The House of Pendragon: The Firebrand
- I have two that hold equal place in my affections: Camelot because it got me started writing (see above about the command) and Doctor Zhivago for its utterly beautiful cinematography.
Scott Poe - Book reviewer
Transformers 1 as it is the first movie I watched with my wife.
M. Edward McNally- The Sable City
The Fisher King
Betty - Groundhog Day
Robert Chazz- Author Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You're High (though you don't have to be high, it just makes you a better audience.)
Tough one: a tie between Lawrence of Arabia and Fight Club.
Candace Bowen Early- Spur of the Moment. Available through Rhemalda 2.1.12. Squee!
Hands down, Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley.
Rossandra White- Blade Runner.
Roy Mauritsen - Jaws.
Rachel Summerhill - Writer
Probably one of the Lord of the Rings films.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- There Will Be Blood (formerly Apocalypse Now).
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Author
Santa Sangre
Walter Rhein- Author of The Bone Sword and Beyond Birkie Fever
The animated version of the guy's answer for question 2. (Here was Walter's answer for #2- The guy who answered question one with the response: Sexual Reassignment Surgery at Home for Dummies.)
Shay Fabbro- Author of The Chosen
I would have to say a toss-up between The Dark Crystal and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Michael Young - Author of The Last Archangel
My recent favorite has been the mind-bendingness of Inception.
Franz McLaren- Author
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Douglas Brown- Author of Tamed, The Light of Epertase
Original Star Wars Trilogy, Braveheart, LOTR, Saving Private Ryan I know that is more than one, but this is my blog so na-na-na-na.
Emmaline (Rhemalda Publishing)- Pride and Prejudice
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Author of Thorgil Bloodaxe
13th Warrior
My mom- Phantom of the Opera
Cas Peace- Author of King's Envoy
I don’t see many movies but I loved the Star Wars films and also The Lord of the Rings (I know – same old, same old – sorry!)
Bobbe Ecleberry- (Editor)- The Sound of Music

8.)What is your favorite band?
Debra A. Kemp- Rush, is there any other band?
Scott Poe- I honestly haven't been listening to much music lately, I'll just call out RadioU since they play a lot of good stuff.
M. Edward McNally- The Pogues
Betty- Rubber bands are fun. Head bands look nice. Wedding bands are...
Robert Chazz- Another tough one: Dire Straits for consistent excellence; Eagles just for Hotel California.
Candace Bowen Early- Avalon Landing
Rossandra White- Right now, Bon Iver.
Roy Mauritsen - Yes; with honorable mention to Sigur Ros & Afro-Celt Rachel Summerhill- As I think The Wall is the best rock album, probably Pink Floyd, though I also like Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains. (BTW, Rachel, The Wall is my absolute favorite Album of all time. I saw Roger Waters perform it a few months ago and I'm going again in June. Great show.- Doug)
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- The Sword (contemporary), and Led Zeppelin (classic).
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Black Sabbath
Walter Rhein- The elastic one currently holding up my underwear and giving me a gentle hug.
Shay Fabbro- Oh hell... this would be a toss-up between Poison and Def Leppard. "is my 80's showing?"
Michael Young - Probably Coldplay, though that’s only for bands. I have many other musical groups who are not bands that I would put before them like The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the King’s Singers, and The 5 Browns.
Franz McLaren- It's a tossup between rubber or wedding.
Douglas R. Brown- Nine Inch Nails
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- Aerosmith
Thorgil Ragnarrson- CCR
My Mother- The Beatles.
Cas Peace- Has to be the folk band Fairport Convention; although members have come and gone, they’ve provided the music of my life so far.
Bobbe Ecleberry- The Beatles

9.)Authors- What do you think works best when promoting your product? Readers- What type of promotions gets you to buy a product?
Debra A. Kemp- Still trying to figure out that mystery.
Scott Poe- Great cover art accompanied by a strong blurb.
M. Edward McNally- Review bloggers who love it.
Betty- Still out on that one.
Robert Chazz- Engagement I guess. I started a podcast with the same name as one of my books and I'm full of arrogant, stupid hope.
Candace Bowen Early- Internet utilities like Facebook and goodreads. Rossandra White- Author--I wish I knew.
Roy Mauritsen - Authors- hard to say, but my book is being promoted with convention appearances, a lot of concept art, also a CD of songs... oh, and I'm making another book trailer.
Rachel Summerhill- As a reader I like things that sound interesting and visually catch my short attention span, so that’s something I should think of employing as a writer.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- First and foremost, write good stories, and then provide a well designed, well promoted, regularly updated, entertaining, and well trafficked blog, with a linked Facebook presence, of course.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Intrigue, humour and originality work better than shrillness, hackneyed blurb phrases and being on message non-stop.
Walter Rhein- Having your books listed in any standard dictionary under "Awesome."
Shay Fabbro- Throwing in something catchy that makes people want to click on the link.
Michael Young - Networking. Letting others spread your message for you while you help spread their message. Get out on the Internet and meet people.
Franz McLaren- Social networking, without trying to sell. It seems that most interest in my books has been generated when I meet people on line and just chat with them. Of course I do tend to share my big writing events with them but only as a "hey this is great news" kind of thing.
Douglas R. Brown- Writers- Developing personal connections by putting yourself out there. I don't mean shoving your work down someone's throat, but meeting people whether in social media or at book signings and letting them decide to check out your work on their own.
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- Authors- What do you think works best when promoting your product? Word of mouth, telling everyone you can about your book. Carrying business cards and goodreads lists and discussions. Readers- What type of promotions get you to try a product? The best way to get me to buy something is for a friend to recommend it.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Word of mouth with a solid fan-base
My Mother- Cute & colorful
Cas Peace- I think connecting personally with readers and encouraging word of mouth promotion works best, both for creating fans and for gaining new readers.
Bobbe Ecleberry- Freebies

10.)If you had a million dollars, what would you do first?
Debra A. Kemp- Go to England for as long as possible and research!
Scott Poe- Pay off mine and my families houses.
M. Edward McNally- Pay down some debt.
Betty- Hide... there are relatives you know.
Robert Chazz- Get better locks, change the phone number and prepare for the onslaught of "friends" and "family."
Candace Bowen Early- Take my extended family on a trip.
Rossandra White- I'd rent a villa in Italy and invite my entire family, including extended and all my friends for a month then I'd buy HarperCollins.
Roy Mauritsen - Travel, there's a lot of new places to experience. Rachel Summerhill- Probably give some away.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- (Re)Marry my wife in a certain Gothic church of which we've claimed ownership, with a select list of guests, then travel the world for a few months on a belated honeymoon, with a couple of blank notebooks in my pack.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Put enough in a bank that I could buy myself out of all the trouble I was about to get myself into spending the rest...
Walter Rhein- Buy 4 million twenty-five cent gumballs (they don't have the one cent gumballs anymore do they?).
Shay Fabbro- Nuild a castle complete with trebuchet and moat.
Michael Young - Build an awesome house with the ultimate writing room.
Franz McLaren- Retire and only write for a living.
Douglas R. Brown- I'd give a lot of it away. I'd also promote my books and my publisher. A lot of best sellers are only best sellers because of the amount of money behind them.
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- I would increase the number of books that Rhemalda publishes each year and launch a huge marketing and publicity campaign for all of the Rhemalda titles.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- pay off the mortgage on my house.
My Mother- Give, Give & Give more
Cas Peace- Faint.
Bobbe Ecleberry- Send in resignation letter to husband's company, then payoff some family members' debts -- student loans, mortgages, etc.

11.) Firefighters or police officers? (Remember, I'm a firefighter before you answer.)
Debra A. Kemp- Both are heroes to me. God bless both!
Scott Poe- Firefighters.
M. Edward McNally- Depends on if my car is on fire, or has been stolen.
Betty- who can resist a smoky firefighter.
Robert Chazz- Firefighters. The cops are after me.
Candace Bowen Early- That's tough because I respect both, but I would say firefighters. In my opinion, it takes someone special to enter a burning building when the first instinct must be to leave it.
Rossandra White- Firefighters, seriously, cops can have attitude sometimes, firefighters, never.
Roy Mauritsen - It takes a lot of guts and I respect both, but fire fighters have something extra in them.
Rachel Summerhill- If my house is burning, firefighter. If I’m being robbed, cop.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- Firefighters, and they're always on the scene to save, not hassle the citizenry about a bunch of nonsense.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Librarians.
Walter Rhein- Do you have enough pressure in your hose to knock my handcuffs off?
Shay Fabbro- Firefighters (and I didn't only say that because you're one).
Michael Young - Firefighters. I grew up with this weird phobia of the house burning down, so they have always been high on my list.
Franz McLaren- Firefighters (unless I'm being robbed).
Douglas R. Brown- Police... Just kidding. Firefighters rule.
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- Anyone willing to risk their life to save me, my children or loved ones.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Police Officer; I am a retired Correction Officer with 20 plus years.
My Mother- Firefighters
Cas Peace- Oh, firefighters, definitely, every single time… ever see a policeman rescue a cat stuck up a tree?
Bobbe Ecleberry- Firefighters

Visit the sites of everyone who contributed to this interview. Show them some love. Great job, everyone. Thank you.
Debra A. Kemp- Author of The House of Pendragon: The Firebrand
Scott Poe- Book reviewer Http://
M. Edward McNally- Author of The Sable City
Betty - Author and blogger
Robert Chazz- Author Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You're High (though you don't have to be high, it just makes you a better.)
Candace Bowen Early- Spur of the Moment
Rossandra White- Monkey's Wedding (YA paranormal--not yet published)
Roy Mauritsen - my novel, a fairy tale epic fantasy adventure titled Shards Of The Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder will be published 1st quarter 2012.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- a horror/sci-fi/dark fantasy/weird fiction author, with dreams of finally finishing my high fantasy novel one of these moons.
I'd like to promote my work in general, which can be read in about a half dozen currently or soon-to-be-released anthologies, which are detailed in various stages of coherence on my blog, The Cosmicomicon ( ), and my upcoming collection of horror/sci-fi/dark fantasy short stories, which will be released in late 2012 by a major (and still unnamed for a few more weeks) publisher of Mythos and speculative fiction and RPGs.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Walter Rhein-
Shay Fabbro- Author of The Chosen
Michael Young- Author of The Last Archangel
Twitter @mdybyu
Franz McLaren- Author
Douglas Brown- Author of Tamed, The Light of Epertase
Emmaline- Rhemalda Publishing
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Author/Creator of Thorgil Bloodaxe
My mother- Mother
I'll just promote my son
Cas Peace- Author of King's Envoy!/cas.peace

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