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Interviewing You Answers pt. One

Thanks to everyone for participating in my Interviewing You blog. For those who didn't see my original blog, I asked a series of questions and let you, the reader, give me the answers. Here are your answers for the first 6 questions. Enjoy. (I hate working in blogger so if your link doesn't go where it is suppose to go, email me and I'll fix it.

1.)What book would you say is your biggest influence?
Debra A. Kemp- The House of Pendragon: The Firebrand
- Le Mort d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, so much would not exist without it.
Scott Poe - Book reviewer
-The Kinshield Legacy by KC May is the book that inspired me to start my blog.
M. Edward McNally- The Sable City
-The Hobbit
Betty - Author and blogger
-The Wolf and the Dove
Robert Chazz- Author Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You're High (though you don't have to be high, it just makes you a better audience.)
-The Color of Light by WIlliam Goldman, for the twists.
Candace Bowen Early- Spur of the Moment. Available through Rhemalda 2.1.12. Squee!
-Without a doubt, The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss
Rossandra White- Monkey's Wedding (YA paranormal--not yet published)
-Annie Dillard was my FIRST biggest influence
Roy Mauritsen - my novel, a fairy tale epic fantasy adventure titled Shards Of The Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder will be published 1st quarter 2012.
-Alice in Wonderland
Rachel Summerhill - Writer
-Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (and The Stand also), Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Chronicles of Narnia
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- a horror/sci-fi/dark fantasy/weird fiction author, with dreams of finally finishing my high fantasy novel one of these moons.
-The Hobbit, or any of the AD&D books written by Gygax
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Author
-Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
Walter Rhein- Author of The Bone Sword and Beyond Birkie Fever
-Surgical Procedures that Can Be Performed at Home with a Microwave Oven

Shay Fabbro- Author of The Chosen
-The Lord of the Rings
Michael Young - Author of The Last Archangel
-I was great influenced by Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. It left me with a sense of astonishment that I want to instill in my own writing.
Franz McLaren- Author
-The Dictionary
Douglas Brown- Author of Tamed, The Light of Epertase
-On Writing by Stephen King
Emmaline (Rhemalda)-
-I think A THIEF OF NIGHTSHADE by J. S. Chancellor has the deepest underlying theme with the possibility to influence people, their lives and actions that they take to protect themselves and or a friend or loved one that may be in a vulnerable position. Personal influences - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and True Colors by Kristin Hannah
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Author of Thorgil Bloodaxe
-Books based on mythology
Cas Peace- Author of King's Envoy
-Has to be the Oxford English Dictionary, even though I know that makes me sound geeky!
-Bobbe Ecleberry
- The Bible

2.)Who is your favorite author?
Debra A. Kemp- Too many to mention.
Scott Poe- Currently tied with Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson
M. Edward McNally- Thomas Pynchon
Betty- Catherine Woodiweiss
Robert Chazz- William Goldman, for delivering said twists and surprises at every turn.
Candace Bowen Early- That's a tough one, but I would have to go with Stephen King.
Rossandra White- Right now, Anna Quindlen.
Roy Mauritsen - Dr. Suess, a childhood influence I've never truly outgrown.
Rachel Summerhill- I’ll give you my top three new finds in the past year and a half: Suzanne Collins, George R.R. Martin, and J.S. Chancellor. (Don’t feel left out, Doug, because I really like Epertase, too!)
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- Hunter S. Thompson, although H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard rake at his liquor soaked heels.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Vladimir Nabokov; pathos, satire, humour, darkness, light and wit - he has it all.
Walter Rhein- The guy who answered question one with the response: Sexual Reassignment Surgery at Home for Dummies.
Shay Fabbro- J.R.R. Tolkein, author of the above series.
Michael Young - I don’t know if I can say…I know so many of them, and enjoy their writing. It would be like choosing between your brothers and sisters.
Franz McLaren- I assume you mean other than me – Bentley Little
Douglas R. Brown-
Stephen King
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- All the Rhemalda Authors. Personal - Kristin Hannah and Jane Austen. They are so close that I cannot choose between the two.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Robert E. Howard
My Mother- Douglas R. Brown for sure
Cas Peace- Not found anyone to top Stephen Donaldson yet, although there are some pretty close contenders.
Bobbe Ecleberry- Douglas Brown

3.)How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
Debra A. Kemp- Some mysteries should never be exposed, otherwise it might lose its power.
Scott Poe- 1437
M. Edward McNally- The owl says three.
Betty- Too many just bite it.
Robert Chazz- I lick only under special circumstances. Mostly, I bite and crunch.
Candace Bowen Early- Three, of course (Now I'll be quoting the owl for the rest of the day).
Rossandra White- We never had them in Africa, can't say I've ever eaten one.
Roy Mauritsen - 3 (according to the owls.)
Rachel Summerhill- Mr. Owl says 3.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- Zero, as I'm a biter.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- I have never eaten a tootsie roll pop.
Walter Rhein- I only ever have to lick anything once.
Shay Fabbro- Never actually tried it but I would guess 1,327
Michael Young - It depends on who is doing the licking. I say the question needs more qualifying info. For me, I’d say the answer’s about 42.
Franz McLaren- 69 – No wait, can I say that here? Is this a family friendly site?
Strike that. Let's see…
Damn! (Okay I'm not starting that again. I'll fake it and no one will ever know)
532! Yep that's definitely it.
Douglas R. Brown-
Of course, since I asked the question I know the answer. But I'm sworn to secrecy.
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- I don't like Tootsie Pops.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- 3
My Mother- 75
Cas Peace- Argghh! I have no idea, I have never had one.
Bobbe Ecleberry- 2,000

4.)What is your biggest goal in life at this moment?
Debra A. Kemp- Replace the empty box of tissues on my desk.
Scott Poe- I'd really like a better job.
M. Edward McNally- Keep the demons at bay.
Betty- Just finished it today release 99 cent ebook
Robert Chazz- Used to be world domination, Pinky...but now just to get people to read my twisty whimsies.
Candace Bowen Early- To make it on a best sellers list
Rossandra White- be a good person, okay, I'm dorking with you: to get published.
Roy Mauritsen - It used to be "publishing a novel I've written", but I can check that off the list! Now it's cage diving with great white sharks (see also #7)
Rachel Summerhill- To get my novel Into the Blind Darkness finished, then published.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- To finish and sell a full length novel.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- To have enough good material to start pitching a short story compilation in late 2012.
Walter Rhein- To perfect my mystical warlock powers and attain the ability to shoot fireballs from my eyes/mouth.
Shay Fabbro- To sell one of each of my books to Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar in Star Trek: Next Generation) while at the GalaxyFest 2012 conference!
Michael Young - To land a literary agent and break into the national market in writing.
Franz McLaren- To get started on a new book.
Douglas R. Brown- Raising my son
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- Grow Rhemalda books and authors.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- publishing my second book of Thorgil Bloodaxe and seeing the red-haired Viking on the silver-screen.
My Mother- weight loss
Cas Peace- To find the answer to question 3; I simply cannot rest until I solve this perplexing puzzle...
Bobbe Ecleberry- get enough $ so husband can retire without us being destitute.

5.)What kind of books do you write or read?
Debra A. Kemp- I write Arthurian fiction because King Arthur commanded it of me. I never know what I like to read until I pick up a book and start reading.
Scott Poe- I read mostly fantasy, but I'll read pretty much anything.
M. Edward McNally- Read History, write Fantasy
Betty- Romance better known as bodice rippers
Robert Chazz- I read everything and write suspense because bad acts suit my worldview.
Candace Bowen Early- Romance, suspense and horror are my favorites so I usually incorporate all three in my writing.
Rossandra White- Everything from Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight to The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao to Angle of Repose.
Roy Mauritsen - I write and enjoy reading epic fantasy adventure, and fairy tales
Rachel Summerhill- Fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- Well written books, collections, and anthologies by modern Weird/speculative fiction authors, anything by the Pulp Three (Lovecraft, R.E Howard, C.A. Smith), and those Weird fiction authors who influenced them (Blackwood, Machen, Dunsany, etc.).
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- I read almost anything that is challenging and honest; I try to write the same, but my chosen genre is weird fiction.
Walter Rhein- Pick up the dictionary, go to the entry for "Awesome," you'll find the ordering information for my books there (I assume that answers the question).
Shay Fabbro- Mostly fantasy with some scifi thrown in for good measure.
Michael Young - I write mostly fantasy and science fiction, but I also dabble in a bit of historical fiction.
Franz McLaren- I write Fantasy. I read Horror and Mystery.
Douglas R. Brown- When I write, I write fantasy, urban fantasy, and nonfiction. I read fantasy but I love nonfiction
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- I read everything. Personal - Psychological suspense and Literary Fiction.
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Sword and sorcery fantasy-adventure
My Mother- mysteries
Cas Peace- I can read most things that are well written, but I don’t like explicit horror or violence.
Bobbe Ecleberry- fiction, non-fiction, biographies, humorous, self-help, mystery/romance, oh, and, fantasy recently

6.)Team Jacob, Team Edward, or Team _____? (I can't stand Twilight, but I look forward to the answers I get)

Debra A. Kemp- Team Lin ferch Arthur from my House of Pendragon series.
Scott Poe- Team Shoot Me in the Face.
M. Edward McNally- Team Edward (McNally). Team Me.
Betty- ditto... I don't like Twilight that makes a total of two..
Robert Chazz- Team Buffy. She knew what to do with emo vampires.
Candace Bowen Early- Hmmm...a sparkly, hard, cold dead guy who never sleeps or a wolf. I'll go with Jacob.
Rossandra White- Seriously?
Roy Mauritsen - Team Lestat
Rachel Summerhill- If I had to stick with the Twilight motif, I’d say Team Volturi (though Jacob does make a really pretty dog :p), or sticking with vampires I’d say Team Charity Black, from my soon to be published short story The Inquisitor’s Handmaiden, and there's definitely no romance there!
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- Team Curb Stomp on Wussy, Sparkling, Shirtless Supernaturalites.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy- Team Follow A Better Franchise
Walter Rhein- I'd kind of like Jacob to hook up with Edward and leave that little cheater to the evil vampires as an appetizer.
Shay Fabbro- Team Khal Drogo because he would kick both their asses with his braid.
Michael Young - Buffy…she should slay them all.
Franz McLaren- I suppose this means something to most people but it confuses me. I watched a part of a Twilight movie once but it was not my cup of blood. So, I have to say that the team I generally prefer is the Steelers.
Douglas R. Brown- Team Blade
Emmaline (Rhemalda)- Team RHEMALDA
Thorgil Ragnarrson- n/a
My Mother- Team Angels
Cas Peace- I guess this is a Twilight question then, and as I haven’t read or seen any, I’ll have to give it a miss!
Bobbe Ecleberry- Team Edward

Join me for the last 5 questions in a week or so. And visit the sites of everyone who contributed to this interview. Show them some love. Great job, everyone. Thank you.
Debra A. Kemp- Author of The House of Pendragon: The Firebrand
Scott Poe- Book reviewer
M. Edward McNally- Author of The Sable City
Betty - Author and blogger
Robert Chazz- Author Self-help for Stoners, Stuff to Read When You're High (though you don't have to be high, it just makes you a better audience.)
Candace Bowen Early- Spur of the Moment
Rossandra White- Monkey's Wedding (YA paranormal--not yet published)
Roy Mauritsen - my novel, a fairy tale epic fantasy adventure titled Shards Of The Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder will be published 1st quarter 2012.
Ted E. Grau (T.E. Grau)- a horror/sci-fi/dark fantasy/weird fiction author, with dreams of finally finishing my high fantasy novel one of these moons.
I'd like to promote my work in general, which can be read in about a half dozen currently or soon-to-be-released anthologies, which are detailed in various stages of coherence on my blog, The Cosmicomicon ( ), and my upcoming collection of horror/sci-fi/dark fantasy short stories, which will be released inlate 2012 by a major (and still unnamed for a few more weeks) publisher of Mythos and speculative fiction and RPGs.
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Walter Rhein-
Shay Fabbro- Author of The Chosen
Michael Young- Author of The Last Archangel
Read Now
Twitter @mdybyu
Franz McLaren- Author
Douglas Brown- Author of Tamed, The Light of Epertase
Emmaline- Rhemalda Publishing
Thorgil Ragnarrson- Author/Creator of Thorgil Bloodaxe
My mother- Mother
I'll just promote my son
Cas Peace- Author of King's Envoy!/cas.peace


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  4. Thanks, Douglas.

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