About Me

Douglas R. Brown is a fantasy/horror writer living in Pataskala, Ohio. He began writing as a cathartic way of dealing with the day-to-day stresses of life as a firefighter/paramedic for the Columbus,  Ohio Division of Fire. Now, he focuses his writing on fantasy and horror where he can draw from his lifelong love of the genres. He has been married for 21 years and has a son and two dogs.

To contact Douglas for radio or television interviews, email him at epertase@gmail or use the email link to the right. If you have found this page as a result of a pitch letter, feel free to contact Douglas at the phone number provided in the letter.


  1. I look forward to seeing you at Philly Wizard this year. Eric Cooper author of Knight Seeker.

  2. Be sure to introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you and check out your work.