Friday, January 4, 2013

Tamed on Audiobook- A Completely New Way to get your Favorite Werepets

A few months ago my publisher, Rhemalda Publishing, revealed that they were putting all of their books into the audiobook format. Over the years people have asked me about audiobooks and, until this announcement by Rhemalda, I'd tell them not to get their hopes up. If you wanted to read Tamed, you had to do just that--read it. I didn't realize there was such a large community of people who preferred hearing stories than reading them. Who knew? Personally, I've always liked audiobooks, but usually just for long vacation drives and those sorts of monotonous things. Anyway, Rhemalda had enlisted various professional freelance narrators for their catalog of books and one was assigned to Tamed. His name is Michael Roger Lane and he does a fantastic job.

Due sometime around Christmas, 2012, that sometime came yesterday and I couldn't be more thrilled. This may sound strange since the audiobook is basically just another format of the same story, but I rank the feeling I'm getting as I listen to my own words being professionally read as one of the top moments in my publishing career. I can't sit here and tell you that this feeling is better than getting my first contract, or seeing my debut book finished for the first time, but I can tell you that this ranks highly with those achievements.

I didn't expect that hearing my book would move me so much, but as it turns out it does. For the first time ever, I am hearing my story told in a different voice than the one in my head and it is an amazingly new experience. As I said before, I've always liked audiobooks because I get a different feel when hearing stories than I do when reading them and this is no different. I'm not saying I like audiobooks better all than reading, because usually I don't, but sometimes it can add to the experience. For instance, I Am Legend by Richard Matheson is creepy as a book, but I think creepier by the brilliant job that the narrator did in the audiobook. On Writing, by Stephen King is another audiobook that I absolutely love listening to and feel it is a better experience than merely the reading of it. That one's probably because Mr. King himself reads On Writing, and I think you get a sense of his passion while hearing him.
You should totally give the audiobook of Tamed a try. You'll love it.
If you want to give Tamed a try on audiobook, it is available at, Amazon, and Itunes. Here is the Amazon link. You can even listen to a preview before you buy. Let me know what you think. 


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