Friday, May 18, 2012

Map for Epertase Two

In August, the second chapter of my Epertase trilogy will be released and believe me when I say it is full of surprises. One of those little surprises is the map. Rhemalda, being as wonderful as they are, has agreed to alter the map from book one to reflect some of the changes that occur in book two. I think it is super cool and I can't wait until you read how these changes happened. I have written five books at this point (2 of which have been published) and I believe without question Epertase two is my best work. Anyone who liked Epertase one even a little will love Epertase two. I am so excited for the release.
Here is the cover if you haven't seen it yet, followed by the new map. Cool, huh? (Click on the map to see it closer.)

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