Sunday, January 8, 2012

Add One Book and Subtract Two Teeth and You Get One Happy Kid

Here I was working at the firehouse while my wife and son were at home spending a nice Saturday afternoon together. My son's two front teeth had been loose for a few days and one of them had come out while he was sleeping the night before. He was so excited that he ran into our room at five in the morning to let us know. He said, and I quote, "Dad, my tooth came out while I was sleeping. I felt it in my bed and thought it was a hard booger. But it was my tooth." So, back to my afternoon at the firehouse. After returning from a working fire, I received the following texts from my wife. "All gone daddy!! One minute later ... "It's here." And this is the picture she sent me. This was the first time I had seen my new book, Tamed, as a finished product (along with my son without teeth).
That's how two missing teeth plus one new book equals one happy kid.


  1. What a cool dude your son obviously is :-)

  2. Hi Doug,
    Judy here, (Emily's Mom) just finished Tamed.
    Five stars. I will be starting Expertise tomorrow.