Sunday, June 7, 2009


Columbus Fire Department lost a good man last week. You probably didn’t hear about it because he didn’t die heroically in a fire, or he wasn’t shot by some angry heroin user who had just lost his high while having his life saved. No, Charles died way too young from a different battle, a battle against cancer. His death didn’t make the news or the papers, and the lives he had a hand in saving over the years likely will never know he’s gone but I’d like to say it here. Chuckles, as we called him at 22s, dedicated his life to helping people and the number of lives he touched could never be counted.

If today or tomorrow, God forbid, you have to call 911 because a bolt of lightning sets your house ablaze or you wreck your car, or your chest hurts, there will still be men and women who come to help you. But there is one less of those men and women in the world today and the world suffers because of it.


  1. Hey Doug, very good. You should sent that to the Dispatch 'Letters to the Editor'. Would be nice to have more people see it.

  2. I agree with Mike; please consider sending it in to the Dispatch! What a wonderful tribute.